2012 End-of-Year Tournament

2011 End-of-Year Hisoutensoku Tournament | Banpai-Akira

#hisoutensoku @ irc.rizon.net

Hosts: Kiko, Remilia-Scarlet, LunarSpotlight


This will be a two-day Touhou Hisoutensoku Tournament, spanning four major geographical regions! While tournaments typically are only hosted for North America or Europe, South American and SEA players will have an opportunity to participate as well.

If you heard about this from #hisouten, then you probably have the correct version already, but if not, update your game client to v1.10a here. (Your SWR client should be updated to v1.06 as well. v1.06a optional.)


The only registration requirement is access to Rizon’s IRC network. If you do not have an IRC client, use Rizon’s webchat interface. To register, use the registration links below:

IRC access and NickServ identification are required for participation in the tourament; IRC should work on every computer. You do not have to be part of the #hisouten IRC netplay community to participate in this tournament; everyone is welcome. However, to keep everybody in the same place, IRC usage is compulsory. You do not need to install anything; just use the webchat interface.

NOTE: Please forward your ports so that you may host. If you do not know how to forward ports, visit http://portforward.com/. This requirement is in place to ensure that we do not hit a situation where neither participant is able to host. Have Hamachi on hand if you can’t host just to be safe. If you are absolutely unable to host under any circumstances, inform me of the fact beforehand so that I can seed you to minimize the chance of running into someone else who cannot host.

You may also attempt to port forward using UPnP Portmapper if your router has UPnP enabled.

The details have not yet been finalized, so these are simply carry-over rules from prior tournaments. They are subject to change at any time.

  • This tournament uses the double-elimination format, with best-of-three sets (the first player to win two matches takes the set), with the exception of the Grand Finals, which is best-of-five (first to three wins).
  • You may use any character and change characters/decks whenever needed, although it is recommended that you do not change after a win. This tournament does NOT enforce character lock of any sort since it inconveniences the participants for no good reason.


  • Show up in #hisoutensoku (NOT #hisouten) on Rizon, preferably at least 15 minutes before the tournament begins. Register for the tournament.
  • Wait the tournament to start.
  • Play your matches against your designated opponent; after a set has been decided, please report your results via the !report trigger (type !report win if you won, and !report loss if you lost. You will automatically advance.)

(These are neither required nor necessary for the tournament, but they do enhance your soku experience.)

When playing a match, you are expected to save all replays, both for the replay pack and for the convenience of settling disputes in case any arise.


  • Things that are forbidden:
    • Iku 5card -> grab glitch.
    • Any sort of hack that provides an unfair advantage. (Autoblockers, external macros, etc.)
  • Matches in which one of the above is used are invalidated if someone makes a complaint; the other player can choose to take a default win or have a rematch.
  • Do not pick a field with a bright white or yellow background as they make bullets difficult to see, unless both parties have no problem with it. (Specifically: Shore of Misty Lake, Scarlet Mansion Clock Tower, Fusion Reactor Core, Reactor Elevator, Bhava-Agra.) Scarlet Devil Mansion Library is the widely accepted stage for tournament play.
  • If you no-show, you will be de-registered.
  • If a desync occurs, either settle it by yourselves or have a rematch. In the event that there is significant lag that makes a round completely unplayable, message me on IRC and I will do something about it.

tl;dr Instructions

  • Register before the tournament starts.
  • Show up in #hisoutensoku before the tournament starts.
  • Tell the bot your match results with !report win or !report loss, and play your upcoming opponents.
  • Enjoy the carnage.

IRC Channel Notes:

  • The useful IRC triggers available in the channel are as follows:
    • !host – Displays your IP and port for convenience. Usage: !host <optional_port_number>. If !host does not work, use !soku.
    • !ip – Get the IP of a particular nickname. May be inaccurate. Usage: !ip <nick>
    • !whohosted – Displays a list of the last five hosting IPs. Usage: !whohosted, !whohosted10 for a list of the 10 most recent IPs.

Adviceowl’s Stream
Duckator’s Stream
Muii’s Stream

    • PatsRy
    • January 12th, 2013

    When are the replays coming out?

    • JazzyG
    • December 1st, 2015

    Does anyone here know how to get sokuroll to work on mac

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