SWRSToys Usage Guide

Since nothing interesting is happening in #hisouten, I thought I might as well write up a proper guide for using the modules that come with the SWRSToys download provided on the wiki. (In any case, it should be noted that the SWRSToys bundle linked to includes Google Translated readmes courtesy of sazn, if this article does not suffice.)

The following modules are included with the .rar, although more are available.

To install: Extract the archive to your Touhou Hisoutensoku folder. Make sure your game is patched to 1.10. (If you have Soku+, then you will need to back up your SWRSToys.ini which came with Soku+, since the mod also uses SWRSToys.) Uninstalling simply involves the removal of those files.



1.Paste everything in the rar (d3d9.dll, swrsToys.ini, and the Module folder) into your Hisoutensoku folder.


1.All that shit you pasted in? Delete it.
2.That’s it.

● How to use SWRSToys (people that don’t know, look here)

1. From the Module folder that you placed in your Hisoutensoku folder, select one and remember the name.
2. Open SWRSToys.ini in Notepad
3. Find the name of the mod you want to use, and the corresponding line in the .ini, and delete the [;] from the beginning of the line
4. Read the instructions for that mod in its particular folder very carefully

● When you would like to stop using a particular mod, please replace the [;] at the beginning of the line in SWRSToys.ini

That’s all? Not quite. The help files for the modules themselves are unfortunately either poorly translated or not translated at all, which can prove to be an issue. Thus, the usage instructions for some of the important modules will be covered below:


This module allows you to replace Hisoutensoku’s BGM with your own, after you enable the module in SWRSToys.ini. They must however be in the .ogg format and properly looped. The detailed guide is below:

By specifying which track you want replaced and providing an audio track (must be in .ogg format), the plugin will replace the in-game music for you. To do this, open up BGMChanger.ini in the SWRSToys plugins folder, and you should see many entries that look like this:

; ヴワル魔法図書館

The first line is a comment followed by the Japanese name of the track. The second line tells the plugin which track the data is for.

The third and fourth lines are the important ones. If you want your music to loop properly, you must set the intro and loop variables correctly. The “intro” value refers to the sample # at which the looping portion begins (so if you set it to a number that corresponds to 0:20, when it loops the first time, the music jumps directly to 0:20 instead of going back to 0:00), and the “loop” value refers to the length of the loop section (so it’s however many seconds of the clip that you want to loop).

To figure out what numbers to put in, multiply the number of seconds that you have by the sample rate of the clip. Typically, this is at either 44100Hz or 48000 Hz, depending on the source. A low-quality track with a low sample rate like 22050Hz should generally not be used.

For instance, let’s say I want to make a track loop from 0:30 to 4:20. I will multiply 0:30 and 3:50 (the length of the loop portion) by 44100. I’ll get the numbers 1323000 and 10143000, respectively. This results in something like follows:

; ヴワル魔法図書館

Note that 0:00 – 0:30 of the clip will still play, but it only plays once, which is at the very beginning. After that point, 0:30 – 4:20 will loop indefinitely. If you are lazy, you can simply make the whole track loop. To do this, put 1 as the intro value, and put the length of the song in seconds times the sample rate as your loop value. So if the song was 4:53 long, you would do something like this.

; ヴワル魔法図書館

Because lots of audio can still exist in one second, there may be a weird skip in the sound when it loops if you do it by seconds. To get the precise values, open up an audio editing program like audacity, and find two points in the song’s waveform that are similar, and get the exact sample # for those points and put that in. This results in something like this:

; ヴワル魔法図書館
path=Modules\BGMChanger\bgms\blazblue\Gale (Bang).ogg

If you chose your points well, the BGM will play back gaplessly.


This module enables some memory modifications to be made to the game. Enable this module in SWRSToys.ini first then change the “Enabled=0” values to 1 in MemoryPatch.ini.

  • [16bitscolor] – This fixes drawing issues presented by running 12.3 on computers with the display mode set to 16-bit color.
  • [InputFreedom] – This fixes issues caused by 12.3 recognizing all game controllers that are plugged in even when active.
  • [DefaultDenyWatch] – This causes the “enable spectators?” dialog to default to “no”.
  • [DefaultDenyBattle] – This causes the battle dialog to default to “no” (so that connecting to an IP spectates by default instead of playing).
  • [AllowMultiInstance] – This allows the player to run multiple instances of 12.3 simultaneously.
  • [DisableWeatherEffect] – This causes weather effects to not be drawn onscreen. This will both reduce CPU/GPU load when playing outside and make certain stages more acceptable.
  • [test] – Don’t use this, although the comments say it swaps the “always save replays” and “always ask me what to do” options when spectating.


This module counts the number of games you have played thus far in the top left corner of the screen during character select. Enable this module in SWRSToys.ini to use it. “X戦目” = X games played thus far.

  • You can use the [Sound] to pass it an argument to play a .wav file as an alarm whenever it reaches a certain number of games.


This module allows you to change the notification sound that plays when someone joins your game (or when you successfully join someone else’s game). Enable this module in SWRSToys.ini to use it.

  • Simply pass the filepath of the desired sound file in .wav format in the “path=” argument under [NetBell] in the .ini file.


This module allows you to change the way the game renders player profiles when playing versus another player. Enable this module in SWRSToys.ini to use it.

  • All formatting within NetProfileView.ini is self explanatory. If you don’t understand what things like “Font.Bold” or “Font.Color2.B” are supposed to be, you should not be using this module.


This module allows you to play Dungeons and Dragonsdrag and drop replay files from Windows Explorer onto 12.3 and have the game launch and play said replay. May be somewhat unstable, so back up your shit before using this. Enable this module in SWRSToys.ini to use it.

  • Under [ReplayDnD], the “autoShutdown=” parameter determines whether or not the game automatically closes after each replay. 1 means auto close, 0 means it goes back to the replays menu and doesn’t close the game.


This module allows you to see the inputs made by players when viewing a replay. The module has two display modes: a real-time input view that shows all available buttons and whether or not the player is pressing them, as well as a marquee that shows the sequence of inputs most recently sent by the player. Enable this module in SWRSToys.ini to use it.

  • The .ini file is mostly useless here because you can toggle everything in-game.
    • F8 toggles which displays show for P1.
    • F9 toggles which displays show for P2.
    • F10 speeds up the replay.
    • F11 slows down the replay.
    • F12 restores the replay to normal speed.


This module allows you to resize the 12.3 game window as well as make it remember the window position. Enable this module in SWRSToys.ini to use it.

  • [Size] controls whether or not you can resize the window.
  • [Position] controls whether or not the game will remember its position.

    • wingedicecube
    • March 8th, 2013

    disable weather effects where?

    Not just their graphic, but the actual effects of it >:

      • wingedicecube
      • March 8th, 2013

      There was one for 1.02! whyyyy

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