NotMeidou 2.45

If anyone here paid attention to the Meidou 2 post and the tournament schedule, you will notice that there is no Meidou planned for July. This was originally intended as a free time slot for a midyear tournament, but since certain other players insisted on hosting several tournaments despite there already being the Meidou series, I’ve canceled the plans for the midyear tournament. There will still be a NotMeidou mini-tournament as usual.

NotMeidou 2.45 will be a round robin tournament. Instead of it being a free-for-all RR, however, it’ll be conducted in “rounds” (the bot will tell you who you are going to play next, so don’t worry about it). Games will be best-of-1 sets.

The special twist here (as is always present for the casual NotMeidou meets) is that you cannot use a certain character again if you lose a game with her. (So if you picked Youmu then lost to Bobman’s m4d 360-n0-sc0pe subsun sk1llz, you have to switch to somebody else for the next set).

Lost with your main in an upset? Better brush up on the BnBs for your alts, because you can’t use her again for the rest of the tournament. Of course, no one says that you have to use your main from the outset, although just for the hell of it there’ll be a character lock (which means whoever you send up first, you keep playing with her until she loses, at which point you must switch to somebody else).

Registration will be taken both automatically and manually; PM Nonoriri on IRC or type !register in #hisoutensoku to register yourself.

As a reminder, NotMeidou 2.45 is on July 21, 19:00 UTC for EU, 19:00 EDT for NA.

To register: PM me (Nonoriri/Aristocrat) on Rizon with your region. You can make changes at any time before the tournament starts. The registration will be finalized on tournament day. Registrations are open from now until the tournament starts.

    • Deep
    • July 22nd, 2012

    Seem the tourney never occured hahahaha,
    of course there is no way I am related to that (:

    • ~
    • July 22nd, 2012

    ‘certain other players decided to host …’
    I can’t believe you think you’re the only player who is allowed to host a tournament, because you say so. If other people want to host tournaments, let them! It’s not like you have rivalry; the other tourneys already have a consistent set of players who can’t be bothered with your narcissistic set rules that take up pages that no one is going to read. I’m pretty sure more than one tourney is good, especially if they are in different formats; that’s why they won’t dry out. Anyway, there is only 2 EU tournaments and 2 NA tournaments. What’s up with that? I, personally (and I know a few people agree with me) am getting tired of your self-obsessive rants about how others always do wrong or how everyone is inferior to you. For god’s sake, stop calling other people faggots and look in the mirror!

    • Meidou_Champion
    • July 22nd, 2012

    I can’t agree more with you Mr. Anonymous ~
    Nonoriri is the very reason I was born from the pit of hatred and I shall make sure Nonoriri never rest, count on me on that!

    • July 30th, 2012

    Dude, I wasn’t starting a troll war trying to get more players for Evolve or encouraging others to destroy. I was just giving my opinion. >_>

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