Meidou 2.4 Format Update

My apologies for the late update. Meidou 2.4 will be in the Pairs format with all entries being teams of 2 players. Team members will play best-of-three sets with each team member playing a specified opponent from the other team. For example:

Team 1 has members Alice (A) and Bob (B). Team 2 has members Claire (C) and David (D).

A plays vs. C, and B plays vs. D.

  • Let’s say A wins vs. C and B lost to D.
  • At this point both teams have one win each, so the winners of each match play each other to break the tie (A plays vs. D).

However, if one team wins both of the initial matches (A and B both won), then the team moves on without needing to play the third set.

Registration will be manual instead of automatic; PM Nonoriri on IRC to register your team.

As a reminder, Meidou 2.4 is on June 23, 19:00 EDT for NA. EU was delayed due to Euro 2012.

To register: PM me (Nonoriri/Aristocrat) on Rizon with your region and team preference. You can make changes at any time before the tournament starts. The registration will be finalized on tournament day. Registrations are open from now until the tournament starts.

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