Meidou 2.3 Format Update

After asking players for alternative tournament formats, the overall preference seems to be overwhelmingly in favor of a 50/50 teams tournament. Thus, Meidou 2.2 will be in the Teams format with all entrants split into two big teams. Team members will play best-of-one sets, first team to wipe out all other members wins. Every team member has two “lives”, or two chances to be sent up to play, except the team captains, who have one life each.

Registration will be manual instead of automatic; the NA team captains will likely be the two streamers, Muii and Duckator. EU will need two volunteers as team leaders.

As a reminder, Meidou 2.3 is on May 19, 19:00 UTC for EU, 19:00 EDT for NA.

To register: PM me (Nonoriri/Aristocrat) on Rizon with your region and team preference. You can make changes at any time before the tournament starts. The registration will be finalized on tournament day. Registrations are open from now until the tournament starts.

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