Meidou 2.2 Format Update

After asking players for alternative tournament formats, the overall preference seems to be overwhelmingly in favor of a 3v3 teams double elimination tournament. Thus, Meidou 2.2 will be in the Teams format. Team members will play best-of-three sets, first team to wipe out all three other members advances. Registration will be manual instead of automatic.The bracket will be double-elimination as usual.


As a reminder, Meidou 2.2 is on April 21, 19:00 UTC for EU, 19:00 EDT for NA.

To register: PM me (Nonoriri/Aristocrat) on Rizon with your team name, region, and tentative team members. You can make changes at any time before the tournament starts. The registration will be official once every member confirms it. Registrations are open from now until the tournament starts. This post will be updated with the participants list once I get some registrations.

Preferably, games will not occur concurrently (so the stream can grab every match). I will see how this works out when it happens. I also fixed the bot (which broke because of an undocumented mIRC hash table bug), so there should be no more scripts randomly breaking during the tournament. Probably.

Currently participating teams:

  • Team of justice OwO: BBQ233, Remilia410, Dream144
  • Team #CAUTION: Stefani, vathana, ChickyChan
  • Just another soku team: Adepht, JustSmash, [N]ot[A][P]ro
  • Salty Batman Grrrr: GoingUP, FireballFlame, Oddness
  • XenNessDraco: Xenda, Nessx4, Draco


  • Slackers of Gensokyo: Aristocrat/Nonoriri, Bane, Blue Rogue auric
  • Pocket Dimension: SILENT1497, Pockets, Shintear Kain
  • <3bob: Duckator, bob51, Muii
  • We all secondary Aya: xxsaznpride, Kei123, Yaffy
  • Team going to beat <3Bob: Steve, Huz, Hazelyn
  • MarisaLoveTriangle: Sigets, Inconspicuous, Freudia
  • Not sure: PhoenixM, Trey15, Magister
  • Last minute Entrees: Bobman, Kinzer, aoko
  • Renyuri: Renee, Lyuri
  • ZX+Evan: ZXNova, evanhuangok
    • GoingUP
    • April 21st, 2012

    Feedback: More Muii’s Sheng Long style team tournaments. ( 2 huge teams, 2 captains, captains picking teammates, gatekeepers etc. )

    • Meidou_Champion
    • July 22nd, 2012

    Nobody could forget how I won that tourney, thanks to my awesomeness the tourney lasted over 6 hours, thanks you thanks you, no need to applaude me, this is too much.

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