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「Meidou 2」 – Progression

FOB UPDATE: Duckator has taken over the hosting of the final Five Orb Break tournament on February 18, 2012. This is a 3v3 teams tournament. Interested players should contact Duckator in IRC or drop a message in #hisoutensoku.

FOB7EU: (brackets)
FOB7NA: (brackets) (teams)


In case you are not familiar with what has happened recently, here is some supplementary material:

  • <RyuuguuKomachi> No, I’m not playing this game again
  • <RyuuguuKomachi> at least not here
  • <RyuuguuKomachi> maybe at komike
  • <RyuuguuKomachi> k but anyway good luck ya’ll

Both Muii and Magister have said goodbye to the channel. It is truly a shame that something like this has occurred due to the effects of one user. While I can’t do anything about the situation with #hisouten at the moment, I feel that I should begin hosting tournaments again. Perhaps actually complete one pass through one of these series this time. Hopefully, this will breathe some life back into the community. Unlike Meidou 1, I’ll actually be able to host this one without any change of schedule, since there is no longer an issue with organization.

(I know it potentially cuts into Finals Week for some of you guys; sorry! It’s not a ranbats series like Meidou 1, however, so missing one won’t hurt.)

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#hisoutensoku @

Host: Aristocrat/Nonoriri


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