And The Most Favorite Play Prizes Of 2011 Year End Tournament Go To…

After a one-week poll in our IRC channel, the top voted plays are:

EU: 28A, 28B, 32B and 33B (four of them since they all got the same number of vote)
NA: 21B, 48B and 57B
(the play numbers match to this list)

And among them, here are my picks:

EU: 28A/32B
NA: 57B

Which means the winners of the most favorite play prizes are:

EU: Leerius
NA: SuwakoMoriya

Leerius demonstrated a solid performance in both of those games. Got the Patchouli well covered, didn’t commit much mistake, and got some tactics thrown in here and there. I wouldn’t say it’s a perfect Patchouli, but she is smooth enough to be a role model for those who would like to pick her up, either as a new character or as an existing intermediate user.

SuwakoMoriya plays a solid Suwako as ever. I might appreciate some interesting/unusual playstyle, but if that means making too many meaningless moves and exposing self to openings for opponent to take advantage of, I’m afraid I can’t exactly appreciate it. Comparing to that, SuwakoMoriya got the drill on Suwako, which is an interesting character to begin with.

So congratulations, Leerius and SuwakoMoriya. I will get in touch with you in IRC channel for your prize. And thank you everyone for participating in the tournament, hope you had an enjoyable time. I will look forward to seeing you again in our next tournament. 🙂

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