Five Orb Break Is Now Monthly

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Five Orb Break

#hisoutensoku @

Host: Muii/RemiKissu


  • Every Saturday before the 2nd to last Sunday 18:00 UTC 4 PM CST
  • Next FOB: Nov 19

Five Orb Break
FOB: A Touhou Hisoutensoku Tournament.

When: Every Saturday before the 2nd to last Sunday 18:00 UTC 4 PM CST (If confused ask on #hisouten on  Also date is subject to change on account of holidays and such.  I’ll try to make it the topic on #hisouten as soon as I know.)

Where: #hisoutensoku @

Sign ups start two hours before the tourney. /query Muii a message to enter.

The point of this tourney is so that players can get people to play at least for a certain amount of time. Basically I want you to donate a certain amount of your time to this game. I WANT SOKU TO BE PLAYED. If you think your game is strong, prove it. If you think your game is weak, here is the time and the place for you to get advice and try to improve.

1. EU at 18:00 UTC. North American at 4 PM CST.
2. Round Robin format, everyone plays everyone. If a large amount of players show up, it is possible that we will switch to a team tournament style.
3. Sets will be best 2 out of 3.
4. Winner cannot change character, but free to change decks.
5. In case of desync, restart the match.
6. You do not need to save replays. However, they would be nice to have should there be a debate over who won.
7. Winner must report match results #FOBresults, in 2 – 1/0 format. If we switch to team tournament this will not be necessary. Also keep a record of your scores, there is a chance of human error.
8. In case of extreme lag, attempt to play it out. Refusing to do so will result in 1-2 loss for you. If both players refuse to play/refuse to take loss, will be determined by coin toss or something. “You guys fight over it.” -Muii
9. Iku grab glitch not allowed.
10. Players can use lobby to play, and hamachi, if both players cannot get connected to each other. (As 1.10a has been released we will be using that as the standard, making lobby incompatible, not saying hamachi only if you can’t connect, just keep a copy of 1.10 so you can use lobby if preferred. Both players have to agree to this though.)

If Round Robin format, prepare for a large case of disorganization and constant questions of “Who am I playing?” Do be aware that you do have to play everyone and if you see someone you haven’t played hosting or asking for a host please join them/host for them.

Also if Round Robin format, prepare to play about an hour or more, if you play on keyboard your fingers WILL hurt. Feel free to take small breaks between games to make sure your fingers don’t lock up on you.

If any further questions feel free to ask Muii on #hisouten @

FOB1 Stream Archive

FOB2 Stream Archive

FOB3 was in team format.
Team Muii wins over Team Duckator.
Team Muii consisted of Clario, Nanuneko, g-red, Lyuri, nameless, Muii.
Team Duckator consisted of Kei123, Yaffy, LaHawzel, BlueRogue, Duckator.
FOB3 Stream Archive 1 2 3 4

Team Muii won over Team Duckator in team FOB4.
Team Muii consisted of seventhfonist, bob51, bobman, Bane, Magister, Lyuri, Muii
Team Duckator consisted of Nanuneko, Yaffy, beatsstayflowin (replaced by AD), PhoenixM, Sigets, LaHawzel , Duckator
FOB4 Stream Archive

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