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#hisoutensoku @

Host: Aristocrat/Nonoriri


  • July 24: TWFL 4

This is a ONE DAY Hisoutensoku EU-only Tournament. If you heard about this from #hisouten then you probably have the correct version already, but if not, update your game client to v1.10 here. (Your SWR client should be updated to v1.06 as well.)


The EU tournament will begin at 18:00 UTC. You can check the UTC time here, or if you are lazy, type !tourney in IRC and it will show the time remaining.

The only registration requirement is access to Rizon’s IRC network. If you do not have an IRC client, use Rizon’s webchat interface. To register, follow these steps:

  • Sign into Rizon’s IRC with the nick you will be using for the tournament.
  • Join #hisoutensoku.
  • Identify your nick with NickServ. (If you have not registered a nick, follow this guide.)
  • Type !register. A message will appear and indicate that you have been added to the tournament.

As might be expected, IRC access and NickServ identification are required for participation in the tourament; you are automatically voiced when you join #hisoutensoku if you are identified with NickServ. Registration is open as of the time of this post, and will last until the tournament officially starts. However, please try to register at least 5 minutes before the deadline.

NOTE: Please forward your ports so that you may host. If you do not know how to forward ports, visit This requirement is in place to ensure that we do not hit a situation where neither participant is able to host. Have Hamachi on hand if you can’t host just to be safe. If you are absolutely unable to host under any circumstances, inform me of the fact beforehand so that I can seed you to minimize the chance of running into someone else who cannot host.


  • This tournament uses the double-elimination format, with best-of-three sets (the first player to win two matches takes the set), with the exception of the Grand Finals, which is best-of-five (first to three wins).
  • You may use any character and change characters whenever needed, although it is recommended that you do not change characters or decks after a win. This tournament does NOT enforce character lock for the simple reason that it inconveniences the participants.


  • Show up in #hisoutensoku (NOT #hisouten) on Rizon, preferably at least 15 minutes before the tournament begins. Use the nick you registered under.
  • Wait the tournament to start.
  • Play your matches against your designated opponent; after a set has been decided, please report your results via the !report trigger (type !report win if you won, and !report loss if you lost. You will automatically advance.)

(These are neither required nor necessary for the tournament, but they do enhance your soku experience.)

When playing a match, you are expected to save all replays, both for the replay pack and for the convenience of settling disputes in case any arise.


  • Things that are forbidden:
    • Iku 5card -> grab glitch.
    • Any sort of hack that provides an unfair advantage. (Autoblockers, external macros, etc.)
  • Matches in which one of the above is used are invalidated if someone makes a complaint; the other player can choose to take a default win or have a rematch.
  • Do not pick a field with a bright white or yellow background as they make bullets difficult to see, unless both parties have no problem with it. (Specifically: Shore of Misty Lake, Scarlet Mansion Clock Tower, Fusion Reactor Core, Reactor Elevator, Bhava-Agra.) Scarlet Devil Mansion Library is the widely accepted stage for tournament play.
  • If you no-show, you will automatically lose the rounds in which you are involved. If both participants in a match fail to show, they are eliminated.
  • If a desync occurs, either settle it by yourselves or have a rematch. In the event that there is significant lag that makes a round completely unplayable, message me on IRC and I will do something about it.

tl;dr Instructions

  • Register before the tournament starts.
  • Show up in #hisoutensoku before the tournament starts.
  • Tell the bot your match results with !report win or !report loss, and play your upcoming opponents.
  • Enjoy the carnage.

IRC Channel Notes:

  • The useful IRC triggers available in the channel are as follows:
    • !host – Displays your IP and port for convenience. Usage: !soku <optional_port_number>.
    • !ip – Get the IP of a particular nickname. May be inaccurate. Usage: !ip <nick>
    • !whohosted – Displays a list of the last five hosting IPs. Usage: !whohosted, !whohosted10 for a list of the 10 most recent IPs.
    • !tourney – Displays a countdown to the tournament’s start time to save participants from doing time zone conversions.
  • The tournament itself is also entirely automated, although I will watch over it. All triggers can be seen via !triggers and require your nick to be voiced (+v) for them to work. To avoid channel flood, please use triggers via PM (/notice Nonoriri !<trigger>) whenever possible. The important ones are:
    • !register – Adds your current nick to the tournament.
    • !unregister – Removes your current nick from the tournament.
    • !report – This tells the bot about the results of your last battle. Both participants must report the correct result for it to work (The winner must type !report win, and the loser must type !report loss). You will not advance unless both players typed agreeing results. In case of a dispute, notify me (Nonoriri) and I will sort it out.
    • !opponent – Displays your current opponent, if any. If you do not have an opponent, it will show “Empty”.
    • !bracket – Displays the bracket entered. Brackets are formatted in this manner: round[w/l]#, where w/l denote the winners’ and losers’ brackets respectively, and # is the round number.Round 4 of the winners’ bracket, therefore, would be retrieved via !bracket roundw4. (Note: The zero-loss bracket only has even round numbers, as they play one round for every two rounds in the one-loss bracket.)
    • !list – Displays a list of the tournament registrants.


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