Five Orb Break

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#hisoutensoku @

Host: Muii/RemiKissu


  • July 24: FOB 1

Five Orb Break
FOB: A Touhou Hisoutensoku Tournament.

When: Sunday, July 24th, 4PM PDT
Where: #hisoutensoku @
Sign ups start two hours before the tourney. /query Muii your name to enter.

The point of this tourney is so that players can get people to play at least for a certain amount of time. Basically I want you to donate a certain amount of your time to this game. So from 4PM PDT I WANT SOKU TO BE PLAYED. If you think your game is strong, prove it. If you think your game is weak, here is the time and the place for you to get advice and try to improve.


  1. North American Tournament
  2. Round Robin format, everyone plays everyone.
  3. ets will be best 2 out of 3.
  4. Winner cannot change character, but free to change decks.
  5. In case of desync, restart the match.
  6. Save replays. Emphasis on this. Send them to me with /query Muii after the tourney. This is for the sake of collection. A replay pack will be uploaded afterwards. I will upload the bracket every once and awhile, it’s your responsibilty to look at it and confirm the scores. Usually this is not a problem because both players agree; however, this is why we have replays.
  7. Winner must report match results to Muii by /query Muii. Include score and who played.
  8. In a special twist, we’ll be using a tier list style system. If you win 2-0 you get 2 points, if you win 2-1 you both get 1 point, and if you lose 0-2 you get 0 points. You can be a top tier hisouten player!
  9. In case of extreme lag, if unplayable both players get 1 point, if 1 player has unplayable lag with more than 2 players they are disqualifed.
  10. Iku grab glitch not allowed.
  11. Players can use lobby to play, and hamachi if needed. I will set up a hamachi room. If both players cannot get connected to each other, each will get 1 point.

Rules 6 and 7 are subject to change person should there be too huge a number for me to handle alone.

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