#HisoutenSEA Rookie Tournament

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#HisoutenSEA @ irc.rizon.net

Host: FearNagae


  • May 14: HisoutenSEA RT 1

So this will be the first official tournament of #HisoutenSEA. ( ‘ヮ’)
Not a one-day tournament; however please don’t join if your schedule is ridiculously strict, like one day online per week; it will hinder the other players. ( ^ヮ^)

Touhou Hisoutensoku v1.10
東方非想天則 「1.10」

Open Registration: Now ~ 13th May
Tournament: 14th May ~ End
Prize: None


  • Double Elimination, completely random seed (no seed distribution).
  • Please show up at #HisoutenSEA@rizon.net. Channel is quite lively at night usually.
  • You must be from SEA of course.
  • Participants must play at least once per three days. Anything above that will be disqualified unless a good enough reason is given.
  • Any methods are allowed to join (contact me via YM, Hama, IRC, or w/e), but please don’t mess around by using two accounts to join or change name to avoid being in the banlist.
  • Target amount of players: 8
  • Anyone thinking they’re Ph/above please don’t join :<


  • Fear’s words are absolute. lol.
  • Result is decided with Best of Three (2 matches win, not 2 rounds).
  • Please save replays. If there happens to be no replay for a match/desync replay, it both players’ confirmation is required. Else the match is voided.
  • Report matches to FearNagae. /query FearNagae <text>.
  • Switching character is allowed only after a defeat. (Except if you won with a Random; in this case you should Random again)
  • Switching deck is allowed at anytime.
  • Match should either take place on SDM Library/SDM Foyer unless both player agreed.
  • In case both players can’t host, use Hamachi.
  • In case one player complains about lag, please switch host at the 2nd game if possible (Hamachi is ok). The one who host at the third game can be decided by both players or could just tell me.
  • Soku Lobby is encouraged. I’d say you should use it unless you have problem with it.
  • In case both players complain about lag, well, just play it. No other way around.
  • Gamebreaking glitches are not allowed. This includes catfish and Iku grab resets, and excludes hitbox insanity and Utsuho instant skill-spell 214 cancel.


  • clownfish
  • FearNagae
  • Kana
  • Kurona
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