Soku+ v0.12 Released

True to the “Under Development” status, v0.12 of soku+ was released earlier today. You can grab it from their tumblr site as usual. The summary of changes is as follows:

(Key: Buff, Nerf, Bug Fix, Indeterminate)Suika:

  • 1A: Duration increased.
  • Foot Bellows: Guard Crush property removed, spirit damage increased from the original value.
  • Spectre -Dense-: Startup decreased.


  • Bewitching Bait: Recovery decreased.
  • Boundary “Border Between 2D and 3D”: Startup decreased.


  • Rocket Kick Upper: Startup decreased.


  • 66AA: Cancel level decreased (can now cancel into skills).
  • Heart Carving Cut: Damage of upper hitbox fixed.


  • Autumn Edge: Spirit damage increased.


  • 5AAA[A]: Recovery decreased.
  • B bullets: Blockstun readjusted.
  • C bullets: Blockstun readjusted.
  • SP Doll: Recovery decreased.


  • Propelling Silver: Damage increased, blockstun increased.


  • 6C/Narrow Spark: Animations swapped.
  • Echo Shooting (Default 22C): Recovery increased.


  • Youkai Buster: C version now behaves like the original Hisoutensoku 1.10 version and hits multiple times per bullet.
  • Rain Dance: Can no longer be HJC’d on block.


  • Wave-Call: Spirit damage increased.
  • Earth-God Summon: Iron Ring: Spirit damage increased.
  • Sky-God Summon: Onbashira: Damage increased.


  • Minus K (Default 214): Momentum change on hit adjusted.


  • Red Energy Release: Startup decreased.
  • Chi Sign “Star Bullets”: Spirit damage decreased.


  • Radiant Blade: Recovery decreased.
  • Nuclear Sign “Creeping Sun”: Damage decreased.


  • Lunatic Red Eyes: Spirit drain on graze added.


  • Wind Sickle Veiling: Spirit damage increased.
  • Tengu Pebbles: Startup decreased.


  • j.2A: Startup increased.
  • 6C: Startup increased.
  • j.2B: Startup increased.
  • 2C: Startup increased.
  • Boat on the Sanzu: Recovery decreased, momentum change on hit adjusted, Komachi’s momentum on the ending hit adjusted.


  • Electric Sign “Thunder Drum Shot”: Spirit damage increased.


  • Sword of Scarlet Perception: Damage increased, Limit adjusted.
    • Ghibli
    • February 28th, 2011

    Reisen’s 5card needed that spirit drain; that was a very good change.

    Not so sure about the changes to Sanae, but I guess soku is trying to make the alt skills more viable by buffing them. Looks like tenshi swordrage is back to SWR levels too.

    (what is “momentum change on hit changed”? can you be more specific?)

    • alist1
    • April 29th, 2011

    It would be nice to see Dew Spear stay active when Patchouli is hit, she’s getting useless Buffs.

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