Soku+ 0.11b English Changelog

Soku+ v0.11b Changelog: (Complete: 21/21 entries translated)

Translation finally done! There are still a few ???s around in the log, but most of it is done and verified. If you know what the ???s actually are, please post a comment; I will add it in after verifying.

Notice: Because the changelog was automatically generated from the source code, it may be difficult to read or slightly inaccurate. Please take note of this. The original Japanese changelog also seems to have inaccuracies, but the log will be translated verbatim unless it is found to be incorrect.

(Don’t complain to me about the move names; they were taken from the English patch, which was poorly translated to begin with. Since people who don’t understand Japanese remember the moves by their English patch names, this is the best way to go about it.)


  • Guard Hangeki: Airusable, uses j.6A sequence.
  • Combo counter: “Rift” -> “Lift”, as “Rift Attack” is a typographical error.
  • Soul Torch, Left-handed Folding Fan, and Spellbreaking Drug: Can now be spell canceled.
  • Calm: Recovers HP to all characters on ground; the character with less HP will regenerate it more rapidly.
  • A Penny Saved: Parry mechanics added; use the card right before a hit to parry the attack and ignore spirit damage.
  • K.O.: If a combo dealing more than 4000 damage causes a K.O., the BGM will change.
  • Hakurouken: Can be canceled into spells, can be used in the air (does not consume an airdash).
  • Airdash: Height restriction relaxed (?)
  • Blue Sky: The startup of jumps can be canceled as long as the character remains on ground.
  • 限界機動 (lit. Border Manipulation): Similar to a Roman Cancel from GG, input 4/5/6DD during an attack to immediately cancel it at the cost of 2 cards, potentially permitting more attacks to be chained together. Whiffed attacks or attacks that have started but have not yet hit the enemy will cost 3 cards to cancel. Successful cancels decrease the Limit counter by 50%.
  • Spiritual Strike Talisman: Can be used during an attack  to throw an enemy straight up and cancel what you are doing, allowing followups. 110% prorate, 0% limit, “Lift Attack”.
  • Tempest: Melee can now be HJC’d.


  • 2B: Startup decreased.
  • 3B: Added. Same as 2B but travels upwards.
  • B bullets: Speed adjusted, duration increased, knockback removed, final portion cannot be BE’d.
  • C bullets: Spirit damage increased, knockback removed, final portion cannot be BE’d.
  • 6[A]: Cannot be airblocked.
  • j.6A: Hitbox size increased.
  • Seeker wire: Momentum change on hit adjusted, untechable time increased.
  • Dolls “Lemming’s Parade”: Doll explosions have been replaced with Return Inanimate explosions. The explosions hurt Alice as well. Each doll deals just above 2 orbs of spirit damage. When the entire spell is blocked, deals over 7500 damage from chip and GC. Alice can be killed (takes over 9000 damage) if the opponent grazes the spell or blocks it point-blank.
  • Doll “Futuristic Puppet”: Various significant changes were made to the spellcard.
    • 6A motion on startup removed.
    • B/C startup during spell decreased.
    • D damage increased.
    • 5A/6A/2A spirit damage increased.
    • 5A/2A are now wrongblocked if the opponent blocks low.
    • C spirit damage decreased.
  • Doll Ambush: Duration increased.
  • Thousand Spear Dolls: Recovery decreased.
  • Archer Dolls: Time until HJC decreased.
  • Doll Placement: Knockback removed, final portion cannot be BE’d.
  • Doll Cremation: Trajectory is no longer random, damage increased.
  • Doll Arrangement: Spirit damage increased, knockback removed, final portion cannot be BE’d.
  • War Command “Dolls of War”: Damage increased, prorate per hit changed to 98%, limit per hit changed to 2%.
  • Lance Sign “Cute Phalanx”: Momentum change in air decreased, prorate per hit changed to 99%.
  • Crimson Sign “Holland Doll”: Startup decreased, untechable time increased, Momentum change in air adjusted, number of hits increased, homing improved.
  • Magic Sign “Artful Sacrifice”: Startup decreased, damage decreased.


  • 2C: Damage increased.
  • 3A: Damage increased.
  • 6A: Damage increased.
  • 6C: Damage increased.
  • 5AAA: Damage increased.
  • 5AAAA: Damage increased.
  • B bullets: Untechable time increased.
  • 5C: Damage increased.
  • 66A: Damage increased, hitbox size increased.
  • 66B: Damage increased.
  • 66C: Damage increased, enters graze faster, hitbox expanded downwards.
  • j.2A: Can now be canceled to skills during landing recovery.
  • j.2C: Damage increased.
  • j.6A: Damage increased.
  • j.6C: Damage increased.
  • j.8A: Damage increased.
  • j.5A: Damage increased.
  • j.5C: Damage increased.
  • f.5A: Damage increased.
  • Wind from the Maple Fan: No longer disappears on graze, tornado location adjusted, spirit damage increased.
  • Gale Fan: Projectile location adjusted, untechable time increased.
  • Gust Fan: Prorate adjusted.
  • Squall “Sarutahiko’s Guidance”: Startup decreased, can now CH.
  • Wind Sign “Tengu Limited Special”: Speed increased.
  • Wind Sign “Wind of the Tengu Path”: Holding down 2 when the spell is used will activate a different version of the spell; damage increased, spirit damage increased.


  • 2B: Damage increased.
  • 2C: Duration decreased.
  • 6A: Startup decreased.
  • 6B: Damage increased, spirit damage increased, interval between hits increased.
  • 5B: Damage increased.
  • 66C: Enters graze faster.
  • j.6A: Damage increased, prorate changed to 85% , startup decreased, recovery decreased.
  • j.8A: Startup decreased.
  • j.5A: Untechable time increased.
  • Icicle Shoot: Startup decreased.
  • Icicle Sword: Startup decreased, recovery decreased, momentum change on hit adjusted.
  • Icicle Bomb: Damage increased, momentum change on hit adjusted, untechable time increased.
  • Icicle Lance: Untechable time increased.
  • Ice Kick: Skill can now be controlled with arrow keys, damage increased, untechable time increased.
  • Freeze Touch Me: Becomes melee invulnerable after level 2.
  • Frost Pillars: Startup decreased, recovery decreased.
  • Frozen Technique: Can now be canceled.
  • Midsummer Snowman: Replaced with “Minus K”, a smaller version of Cirno’s story mode spellcard.
    • Creates 10 ice crystals that float around for a bit before breaking apart into icicles. Ice crystals can absorb hits, 1 HP each. Icicles fly through the air fairly slowly before falling down.
  • Freezing Light: Untechable time increased, prorate changed to 98% per hit, limit changed to 10% per hit.
  • Cold Sign “Insta-Freeze Beam”: Recovery decreased, projectile behavior changed.
  • Blowing Ice “Ice Tornado”: Startup decreased.
  • Ice Cubes “Cold Sprinkler”: Movement speed decreased.
  • Ice Sign “Icicle Machine Gun”: Startup decreased.
  • Ice Sign “Fairy Spin”: Complete invulnerability before super flash added.
  • Frost Sign “Frost Pillars”: Damage increased, prorate changed to 95% per hit.


  • 5A: Hitbox size increased.
  • 5AA: Hitbox size increased.
  • j.2A: Recovery decreased.
  • j.6A: Untechable time increased, recovery decreased.
  • Veils like Water: Autoblock startup decreased, recovery decreased.
  • Dragon God’s Lightning Flash: Recovery decreased.
  • Dragon Fish’s Strike: Recovery decreased.


  • 2C: Startup decreased.
  • 3A: Startup decreased.
  • 3B: Added, shoots coins straight forwards.
  • 6C: Startup decreased.
  • 5AAA: Recovery decreased.
  • B bullets: Startup decreased, prorate changed to 99% per hit.
  • C bullets: An unlimited number of wisps may be summoned, properties changed.
  • j.2A: Startup decreased.
  • j.2C: Startup decreased.
  • j.6A: Startup decreased.
  • j.6C: Startup decreased.
  • j.8A: Recovery decreased.
  • j.5A: Recovery decreased.
  • f.5A: Startup decreased, recovery decreased.
  • Taste of Death: Recovery decreased, wall/groundslams on hit.
  • Boat on the Sanzu: Startup hop distance adjusted, startup decreased, damage increased, momentum change on hit adjusted, automatic activation removed.
  • Hell “Narrow Confines of Avici”: (Projectile portion) untechable time increased, momentum change on hit adjusted.
  • Exchange “Unpitiable, Pitiable Life”: Startup decreased.
  • Wind on the Last Journey: Damage increased, untechable time increased.
  • Death Sign “Scythe of Final Judgment”: Property change: spell button can now be held to delay activation, slow-beam effect appears around the opponent while the spell is held.
  • The Endless Way: Startup decreased, recovery decreased.
  • Spirits of the Firm: Startup decreased.
  • Scythe of Exorcism: Damage increased, spirit damage increased.


  • 6A: Recovery decreased.
  • 6C: Properties changed, new visual effect.
  • 5AAA: Marisa now moves forward more during this move.
  • 6[A]: Recovery decreased.
  • j.1A: Added, broom smash.
  • j.2A: Recovery decreased.
  • j.6A: Recovery decreased, momentum change on hit adjusted.
  • f.5A: Startup decreased.
  • Up Sweeper: HJC enabled on landing (does not work if the enemy blocks the skill), untechable time increased, altitude decreased.
  • Grand Stardust: C version replaced with “Echo Shooting”, a miniature version of Marisa’s story mode spellcard.
    • Creates three fairly dense stars that travel through the air slowly and bounces off walls. The stars are fired roughly 45 degrees apart from each other. Airusable.
  • Narrow Spark: Startup decreased, time until HJC decreased.
  • Bosky Sweeper: Graze added.
  • Magical Reusable Bomb: Is now a melee hit, momentum change on hit adjusted, “Lift Attack” prorate added, untechable time increased.
  • Miasma Sweep: Aerial followup is now possible on hit (not on block), B version height decreased, B version can be canceled on hit (not block).
  • Meteoric Debris: Prorate changed to 98% per hit for all colors of stars.
  • Ritual Sign “Orreries Sun”: No longer launches, but orbits Marisa as a barrier. Orb hits cannot be BE’d.
  • Light Sign “Earthlight Ray”: Card cost 3 -> 2, recovery decreased, duration increased when grazed, damage decreased, Limit changed to 10% per hit, momentum change on hit adjusted, untechable time increased.
  • Star Sign “Meteoric Shower”: Spirit damage increased.
  • Magicannon “Final Spark”: Startup decreased.
  • Magic Sign “Stardust Reverie”: Limit removed.


  • 2C: Untechable time increased.
  • 6B: Hitstop increased, spirit damage increased.
  • 6C: Duration increased.
  • 5AAA: Meiling now moves forward more during this move.
  • 5B: Untechable time increased, spirit damage increased.
  • 5C: Untechable time increased.
  • 66A: Attack level Medium -> Heavy.
  • 66B: Graze added, startup decreased, recovery increased.
  • 5[B]: Spirit damage increased.
  • j.5[B]: Spirit damage increased.
  • j.2B: Hitstun increased, spirit damage increased.
  • j.6A: Untechable time increased.
  • j.6B: Hitstun increased, spirit damage increased
  • j.6C: Duration increased.
  • j.8A: Recovery decreased.
  • j.5A: Untechable time increased, recovery decreased.
  • j.5B: Untechable time increased, spirit damage increased.
  • j.5C: Untechable time increased.
  • Colorful Brilliance “Rainbow Taichi”: Startup decreased, knockback decreased.
  • Colorful Rain: Graze added, C version startup decreased, C version movement distance increased, hitstun increased.
  • Chi Sign “Earth Dragon Sky Dragon Kick”: Damage increased.
  • Chi Sign “Star Bullets”: Startup decreased, recovery decreased, damage increased, spirit damage increased.
  • Chi Sign “Fierce Tiger Energy Release”: Recovers from the spell use much faster.
  • Water Taichi Fist: Graze added, C version can now be charged.
  • Red Cannon: Becomes melee invulnerable after level 2.
  • Fragrant Wave: Startup decreased significantly.
  • Brilliance “Rainbow Brilliance Palm”: Graze added.
  • Tiger Chi Release: Superarmor on startup added, recovery from startup decreased, duration increased.
  • Rainbow Sign “Intense Rainbow Fist”: “Lift Attack” modifier removed.
  • Yellow Quake Kick: Visual effects added, attack level increased, blockstun increased, charged version now guardcrushes when blocked high.


  • 66A: Startup decreased.
  • j.2A: Now groundbounces on normal hit.
  • j.6A: Momentum change on hit adjusted, prorate changed to 95% per hit.
  • Winter Element: Duration increased.
  • Emerald City: Startup decreased, can now be canceled on hit (not block).
  • Sticky Bubble: Prorate changed to 102% per hit, bullet speed increased.
  • Flash of Spring: Startup decreased, recovery decreased.
  • Earth Metal Sign “Emerald Megalopolis”: Startup decreased.
  • Sun Moon Sign “Royal Diamond Ring”: Spirit drain on graze added, spirit damage increased.
  • Sun Wood Sign “Photosynthesis”: Startup decreased.
  • Moon Sign “Silent Selene”: Spirit damage increased.
  • Five Elements “Philosopher’s Stone”: Startup decreased.


  • 2B: Duration adjusted.
  • 3C: Added. Shoots needle projectiles from “Demon Sealing Dimensional Rift”.
  • 6C: Added. Shoots needle projectiles from “Demon Sealing Dimensional Rift”.
  • 8D jump: Height reduced.
  • 5AAA: Reimu now moves forward more during this move.
  • B bullets: Blockstun increased.
  • 66A: Recovery decreased.
  • 66B: Startup decreased.
  • 66C: Enters graze faster, momentum on hit adjusted, untechable time increased.
  • EX Reimu: Added. Hold D before match start to use.
  • j.2A: Now groundbounces on normal hit.
  • j.2B: ???
  • j.2C: Startup decreased.
  • j.3C:Added. Shoots needle projectiles from “Demon Sealing Dimensional Rift”.
  • j.6C:Added. Shoots needle projectiles from “Demon Sealing Dimensional Rift”.
  • j.5A: Startup decreased, duration decreased.
  • j.5B: ???
  • Instant Dimensional Rift: Startup of attacks after activation decreased, damage increased.
  • Hakurei Amulet: Charge rate increased, C version startup decreased, startup position of bullets adjusted.
  • Spirit Sign “Fantasy Orb”: Startup position of bullets adjusted.
  • Dream Sign “Demon Binding Array”: Properties changed: now a weaker version of the 4card pillar, does not persist. Holding down 2 when the spell is used will activate a different version of the spell.
  • Youkai Buster: Recovery decreased, damage increased, prorate adjusted, limit adjusted, chip damage adjusted, spirit damage adjusted, number of hits decreased to one hit per bullet, card gain adjusted.
  • Holy Relic “Ying-Yang Sanctifier Orb”: 22D can be used to activate a different version of the spell.
  • Demon Sealing Dimensional Rift: Projectile behavior adjusted, damage increase per level increased.
  • Sliding Ascension Kick: Recovery decreased, recovery decreases with each level, C version graze added.
  • Spread Amulet: Startup decreased, speed decreases with each level, B version startup position adjusted.
  • Ascension Kick: B version becomes melee invulnerable after level 2, B version can be canceled on hit (not block).
  • Jewel Sign “Concealed Orbs of Light”: Spirit damage increased.
  • Divine Arts “Wind God Kick”:Holding down 2 when the spell is used will activate a different version of the spell.
  • Divine Spirit “Fantasy Seal”: Limit reduced to 0%, untechable time increased.
  • Movement speed: Increased.
  • Rain Dance: Can be canceled on hit, can be HJC’d on hit, lights up orbs for Fantasy Heaven on hit, sound effect on hit changed.


  • B bullets: Knockback removed, travels further before slowing down, final portion cannot be BE’d.
  • 66B: Enters graze faster.
  • 66C: Enters graze faster.
  • Eyesight Cleaning: Startup decreased, time until HJC decreased.
  • Disorder Eye: Startup decreased.
  • Mind Bending: Startup decreased.
  • Illusion Bomb “Mind Starmine”: Startup decreased.
  • Charming Look “Corolla Vision”: Spirit damage increased.


  • EX Remilia: Added. Hold D before match start to use.
    • 66/44 moves EX Remilia along the ground only. 66A, 66B, 66C added.
    • Teleport removed, normal flight added.
    • 6A replaced with a different attack.
  • j.2A: “Smash Attack” modifier added.
  • Stigmanizer: C version now travels along the ground.
  • Demon Lord Arrow:Can now be delayed by holding while attached to the wall, can be canceled after delaying a sufficient amount of time.
  • Demon Lord Cradle: Can now be canceled on hit (not on block).
  • Rocket Kick Upper: C version now homing, C version bullet startup position adjusted.
  • Midnight Sign “Bad Lady Scramble”:Limit changed to 50%.
  • Critical “Heart Break”: Holding down 2 when the spell is used will shoot the spear straight upwards, can no longer CH.


  • 3C: Added.
  • 66C: Enters graze faster.
  • 3[A]: Recovery increased.
  • j.3C: Added.
  • Square Ricochet: Properties changed, now bounces more and can hit at any time.
  • Time Paradox: Is now wrongblocked when blocked low, second hit guardcrushes when blocked low.
  • Dancing Star Sword: Can now be HJC’d.
  • Parallel Brain: Replaced with “Ambitious Jack”.
    • Sakuya throws four knives that zigzag randomly. C version is more spread out. Duration increases with each level.
  • Perfect Maid: B version startup decreased, damage increased.
  • Wound Sign “Inscribed Red Soul”: ???
  • Movement Speed: Increased.
  • Speed Sign “Luminous Ricochet”: Spirit damage increased.


  • 1D: Added.
  • 2D: Added.
  • 3D: Added.
  • 5AAA: Prorate changed to 85%.
  • 5AAAA: Damage increased, prorate changed to 86%.
  • 5B:Startup position of bullets adjusted.
  • j.4C: Cancel time decreased, Suwako cloning bug fixed (?).
  • j.5A: Startup decreased.
  • j.5B:Startup position of bullets adjusted.
  • Sky Serpent: Time until HJC decreased.
  • Sky-God Summon: Attack: Hitbox adjusted.
  • Miracle “Mid-Day Supernova”: Startup decreased, wisp now follows the opponent’s X-coordinate, blockstun increased, limit changed to 3% per hit.
  • Wave-Call: Startup decreased.
  • Prayer “Charm of Good Commerce”: Startup decreased, startup position of bullets adjusted.
  • Esoterica “Forgotten Ritual”: Startup decreased.


  • 1A: Added.
  • 6B: Projectile speed increased.
  • 5AA: Suika now moves forward more during this move.
  • 5AAA: Suika now moves forward more during this move.
  • 66A (second hit): Suika now moves forward more during this move.
  • 66B: Enters graze faster, recovery increased.
  • 66C: Startup decreased.
  • j.6A: Recovery decreased.
  • Unpleasant Mist: Recovery decreased, Suika will now face the opponent when she reemerges.
  • Gnome -Dense-: Startup decreased.
  • Kidnapping Oni: Can now be spell cancelled on startup.
  • Foot Bellows: Startup decreased, recovery decreased, now guardcrushes on wrongblock.
  • Mist Sign “Gathering and Dissipating”: Recovery decreased.
  • Ignis Fatuus: Startup decreased, blockstun increased.
  • Oni Sign “Missing Power”: Can now CH, untechable time increased.


  • 6B  bullets: Charge rate increased.
  • 5B: Knockback removed, final portion cannot be BE’d.
  • 66A:Can now be used from a backdash.
  • 66B:Can now be used from a backdash.
  • 66C: Can now be used from a backdash.
  • j.5A: Startup decreased.
  • j.5B:Knockback removed, final portion cannot be BE’d.
  • Flight: Properties changed, horizontal flight now possible.


  • 2B: Spirit damage increased.
  • 6B: Spirit damage increased.
  • 5B: Spirit damage increased.
  • 66C: Enters graze faster, recovery decreased, horizontal momentum decreased.
  • 6[B]: Charge rate increased.
  • j.2[B]: Charge rate increased.
  • j.6[B]: Charge rate increased.
  • j.2B: Spirit damage increased.
  • j.6A: Recovery decreased.
  • j.6B: Spirit damage increased.
  • j.5A: Recovery decreased.
  • j.5B: Spirit damage increased.
  • “Scarlet Weather Rapture”: Limit changed to 0%.
  • Sword of Fate: Startup decreased, recovery decreased on catch, can be HJC’d on catch.
  • Earth Sign “Sword of Unletting Soil”: Recovery decreased.
  • Awakening of the Earth Spirits: Replaced with “Sky’s Spiritual Stone”.
  • Sword of the Earth: Time until HJC decreased.
  • Heaven and Earth Press: Startup decreased, startup decreases with each level.
  • Weather “Scarlet Weather Pressure”: Limit changed to 0%, spirit damage increased, untechable time increased.
  • Guarding Keystones: Keystones are primed faster.
  • Sky Attack: Ground version can now be cancelled.
  • Movement Speed: Increased.
  • Scarlet Sword Temperament: Startup of second hit decreased.
  • Keystone “World Creation Press”: First hit no longer whiffs on crouching opponents, second hit is now unblockable.
  • Non-perception “Sword of Rapture”: Damage increased, prorate of first hit changed to 100%, recovery decreased, momentum change on hit adjusted.


  • 2B: Startup decreased.
  • 3C: Added.
  • 66: Startup decreased.
  • 6B: Startup decreased.
  • 5A: Recovery increased.
  • 5AAAA: Recovery decreased.
  • 5B: Startup decreased.
  • 66A: Startup decreased.
  • 66B: Startup decreased.
  • 3[A]: Recovery decreased.
  • j.2A: Startup decreased, now groundbounces on normal hit.
  • j.2B: Startup decreased.
  • j.3C: Added.
  • j.6B: Startup decreased.
  • j.5A: Recovery decreased.
  • j.5B: Startup decreased.
  • “Hell’s Artificial Sun”: “Lift Attack” modifier removed.
  • Ground Melt: Startup decreased.
  • Shooting Star: Time until HJC decreased, startup decreased.
  • Hell Wave Cannon: ???
  • Vengeful Nuclear Spirits: Signs now fire towards Utsuho instead of away, sign placement position adjusted, spirit damage increased.
  • Nuclear Sign “Creeping Sun”: Startup decreased, damage decreased, limit changed to 0%.
  • Burning Star “The Ten Suns”: Startup decreased.


  • 1A: Now performs a knee instead of her c.2A.
  • 2A: Youmu hitbox size increased.
  • 2B:Time until HJC decreased.
  • 6B:Time until HJC decreased.
  • 5B: Time until HJC decreased.
  • 66B: Graze added.
  • Crouching: Youmu hitbox size increased.
  • Heart Carving Cut: Recovery decreased, B version prorate changed to 90%, B version limit changed to 40%, C version prorate changed to 95%, C version limit changed to 45%, knockback on block increased, C version now hits three times.
  • Medium’s Bind: Myon attachment duration increased.
  • Intolerant Avici: Followup can now be canceled into aerial bullets, followup limit changed to 0%, followup momentum change on hit adjusted, followup untechable time increased.
  • Soul Cutting “Ascension to Nirvana”: Spirit damage 1 -> 3.
  • Insightful Sword: B version recovery decreased.
  • Phosphoric Slash: ???
  • Lotus Stance Cut: Number of hits now increases at level 2.


  • 1A: Added.
  • 66C: Enters graze faster.
  • Boundary “Boundary between 2D and 3D”: Startup decreased.
  • Border “Quadruple Barrier”: Now invincible on startup.
  • Illusion Manji Parasol: Startup decreased, knockback reduced, spirit drain on graze added, momentum change on hit adjusted, chip damage reduced, aerial B shot direction changed, now has an hitbox while held.
  • Border between Brains and Feet: Startup decreased.
  • Flesh Dismantler: Graze added.
  • Open, Lamented Box of Urashima: Startup decreased, startup decreases with each level, inputting 4/6 will adjust the position at which the tombstone falls down, now guardcrushes on wrongblock.


  • 3C: Added.
  • 6C: Startup decreased.
  • j.3C: Added.
  • j.6A: Prorate changed to 78%, momentum change on hit adjusted.
  • Dance of the Butterfly Dream: Momentum change on hit adjusted.
  • Lance of the Swallowtail Crest: Projectile speed increased.
Time until HJC decreased.
    • johnny depp
    • February 10th, 2011

    Is the rest being edited in or was there some mistake while posting?

      • Aristocrat
      • February 10th, 2011

      It says “Under Construction” in the first line…

    • The rest will be edited in.

      • deppy john
      • February 10th, 2011

      Yeah well I clearly didn’t read the first line, now did I? Fuck off. Thanks other guy!

      • Alastor
      • February 19th, 2011

      Well, don’t you think it’d be best to read all the lines (especially the first x3) ‘before’ assuming there was a mistake? Just sayin’.

    • bob51
    • February 11th, 2011

    u so sily.

    • winty
    • February 12th, 2011

    *j8A: recovery decreased

      • Ghibli
      • February 28th, 2011


    • StrikerX22
    • April 7th, 2011

    From v0.12 change.txt:
    * J2B: HJC 付加高速化 j.2B: Time until HJC decreased. (As you translated)
    * JB: HJC 付加高速化 j.5B: Time until HJC decreased.

    * 傷符「インスクライブレッドソウル」: カス当たりしづらく Wound Sign “Inscribed Red Soul”: Difficult to (cancel on hit?).

    * 地獄波動砲: 核熱の怨霊のレベルを参照する不具合を対策 Hell Wave Cannon: Fixed bug referencing the level of Vengeful Nuclear Spirits.

    * 燐気斬: エフェクトの左右が反転しない不具合を対策 Phosphoric Slash: Fixed bug not reversing the effect’s direction.

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